Dr. Saripah Binti Hj. Osman

Senior Lecturer
Department of Geography
University of Malaya

Tel: +03-7957 5528(O) / +019-7755107(HP)

Fax: +03-7957 5457

Email: saripahosman@um.edu.my


Dr. Saripah Osman was born in Kluang, Johor. Her early education is in Johor and she did her Undergraduate at University of Malaya, majoring in Geography and minoring in Demography (2003-2006). During the period of 2006-2008, she worked as Tutor at Department of Geography and she pursued her Postgraduate Studies at University of Malay under Government Scholarship (SLAI-Skim Latihan Akademik IPTA). Due to her First Class Degree with Distinction she was given an opportunity to register under PhD Programme and she done a research about Metropolitanization and Land Use Change in Johor Bahru Metropolitan Region. She obtained her PhD in 2014 and on the same year she was appointed a post as senior lecturer. Her research interests are about the Metropolitanization, Urban and Regional Planning, Land Use Change, Urban Sprawl, Economic Geography, Human Geography and Application of GIS in Regional Study and Patch Analysis of Land Use Change. She also received an internal grant from University of Malaya Research Grant and an external grant from Tenaga Nasional Berhad and Ministry of Education. Besides doing her research and teaching, she is also active in social community work such as giving seminar to the high school student, doing activity with the orphanage, and many more. She is also a college’s fellow in University of Malaya for almost 11 years and now she is a fellow and secretary at Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah College, University of Malaya.


Title : ” Geography and Multidisciplinary , Concept and Application “


The concept of geography is an interdisciplinary subject that unites the social sciences and natural sciences in the knowledge of the earth. Geography is a major and significant discipline which offers insights into the complex links and relationships between human beings, societies, the earth and environment. However, multidisciplinary combine more than one discipline or field of study such as development of the studies, including agriculture, forestry, urban, migration, food, education, political development, environment and many more. These shows that geography is an interdisciplinary and also multidisciplinary that integrated to one another. Every discipline that is concerned with scientific knowledge is linked with geography, as many of their elements vary over space. Geography helps in understanding the reality of totality in its spatial perspective. The study also emphasizes on spatial analysis, human and environment interaction and temporal data. Many of the important faced by the communities and societies involve geography. For examples sustainable development, global warming, natural hazards, economic/regional development, health, transportation and urbanization. The scientific requirements from other disciplines that using the element of geography to support their analysis regarding the geographical analysis are spatial analysis. One of the best application that can be used to others discipline is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The analysis involves four interrelated approaches; systematic, regional, descriptive and analytical. Besides, the application of the technique used for geography is also interdisciplinary, such as Cartography, GIS, Remote Sensing, Quantitative and Qualitative methods. As an example, the function of Geographical Information System(GIS) has been used in other discipline to support their analysis and make it easy for them to monitor it from other places, either using mapping simulation or remote sensing. Thus, the concept and application in geography is the most beneficial discipline that can be link with others disciplines.